James Bond is One Classy Dude

doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…doo doo doo (That was the James Bond theme song, it’s harder to write music than I thought). 007 or “Bond. James Bond.” as he likes to say it takes on the notorious Goldfinger in the cleverly named movie Goldfinger. James Bond has been in a ton of movies and the character always seems to stay the same through the different actors that play him and the different situations that he is put in. Watching this movie made me realize just how unclassy I happen to be, but thankfully James Bond has enough class for pretty much everyone in the world, what with the classic 60s sexism, the sleeping with a new woman every night (even though it may compromise his mission, but you know who cares), and his devilish good looks. it’s no wonder he has had so many movie made with him in them.

James Bond’s patented tuxedo look

“No Mr. Bond, i expect you to die.” This movie is one that is kind of hard to explain. for the most part it has a pretty predictable plot (because James Bond is just to dang classy to die), but the marvel of this movie is watching a man who can get out of any pinch he is in by either using his crazy skills, using Q’s gadgets (both of which he hardly uses), or by sleeping with a girl (which works a lot better for him than it ever would in real life). Goldfinger is the second of the Bond series and it is really where the James Bond that we all know and love really comes from. this movie was part of the beginning of one of the longest series in the history of films.

You can’t mess with Bond’s class

While watching this movie with my roommates we found various parts funny, that definitely weren’t supposed to be funny, but because technology has advanced movies so much from the 60s, these parts were very comical. another comical part is the name of one of the Bond girls, Pussy Galore. I couldn’t help but giggle whenever they said her name. If one is looking for a high pace action movie this isn’t necessarily the movie for you, mostly because it was made a while ago and didn’t have all the technology that our modern action films do, but it is very good to see how the action genre has come from and how it used to be compared to today. Goldfinger is definitely a must see for any action film fan and for really anyone to know where a lot of Bond’s famous lines come from and also because this is a very famous movie that still stays timeless even to this day.

That’s a nice hat, Oddjob.

Despite the predictable plot this movie is still a must see and so I give it a 7 shaken martinis out of 10.